Felix (he)


Hi, I’m Felix. My pronouns are he/him, and I’m non-binary. I’ve been cutting hair with Open Barbers since 2011. I’m mostly self taught but I also have an NVQ Level 2. I cut all types and lengths of hair. I’m usually happy to chat during haircuts, but I’m also happy not to. On the occasion when I feel the need to be quiet I’ll mention it, but it won’t impact the haircut and it doesn’t mean I’m not fine to be at the salon. My favourite haircuts to do are sharp fades, bowl cuts, and undercuts. I don’t currently offer colour services or services for long Afro-textured hair.


  • A. Fringe OR undercut OR back & sides only
  • Aa. Skin test and / or consultation
  • B. Short, simple, same again trim, returning clients only
  • Ca. Simple trim: short back and sides (with clippers) + trim on top
  • Cb. Simple trim: any hair length
  • E. New style including consultation
  • F. Simple haircut with extra self-care time
  • H. All over short haircut including fancy shaved patterns
  • I. Wash, cut and blow dry


  • Monday PM
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday PM
  • Thursday
  • Sunday PM