Greygory / Grey (he)

Greygory / Grey

Hi I’m Greygory. I cut all hair types, lengths and styles including patterns and kids hair and I enjoy the variety of styles people ask for from simple same again to creative sculptural styles. I can be chatty or quiet depending on the client’s wishes. I founded Open Barbers back in 2011, and run most of the business side of things so I’m not doing as much haircutting as I used to, though it’s still my favourite bit of the job!


  • A. Fringe OR undercut OR back & sides only
  • Aa. Skin test and / or consultation
  • B. Short, simple, same again trim, returning clients only
  • Ca. Simple trim: short back and sides (with clippers) + trim on top
  • Cb. Simple trim: any hair length
  • E. New style including consultation
  • F. Simple haircut with extra self-care time
  • H. All over short haircut including fancy shaved patterns
  • I. Wash, cut and blow dry


  • Tuesday PM
  • Wednesday PM
  • Thursday PM
  • Friday
  • Saturday