Adae (They)

‘A Queer Nomad Barber just trying to bring a little bit of comfort to our Queer African/Black existences’
Hello, my name is Adae (or Adedamola if you know how to say it), my pronouns are They if it’s relevant. I am a newly qualified barber and have just completed my Level 2 NVQ at London Hairdressing Apprenticeship Academy. Over the past year, I have particularly enjoyed learning fades, how to cut hair types different from my own and razor work (designs & facial hair). I can cut all types of short hair and I love working with Afro textured hair like mine. I’m eager to keep practicing design work and razor shaves. 

I started out volunteering at Open Barbers twice a week since Autumn 2018 alongside my course to gain practice in a supportive environment.
Now that I am qualified, I am developing my freelance barber skills and Open Barbers are committed to supporting me (and vice versa!) when required. I may be a bit slower than the other stylists to begin with, that’s just the perfectionist in me!


For the forseeable future we are offering limited services to comply with COVID 19 health and safety guidance:

  • Cc. Short back and sides (clippers & scissors) with newly qualified barber Adae


  • Tuesday PM
  • Wednesday PM