Ori Hair Care / Tobi (they)

Ori Hair Care / Tobi

Hi, I’m Tobi and I work as Ori Hair Care at Open Barbers. I love the versatility of Afro textured and curlier hair types and I deliver a wide range of services for curly hair types, including simple trims, braids, twists, extensions, locs and weaves. At the moment I just work occasionally when mutually convenient at Open Barbers, but I would like to return to more regular hours eventually. I’m passionate about creating a comfortable environment for my clients, especially as a big proportion of my clients (in our consultations) share traumatic experiences that are usually as a result of having curlier hair. I enjoy the social aspect of my work and the community we create together.

Unfortunately, Tobi is not currently available for these services.


Afro textured hair styling