Ori Hair Care / Tobi (they)

Ori Hair Care / Tobi

Hi, I’m Tobi and I work as Ori Hair Care at Open Barbers. I love the versatility of Afro textured and curlier hair types and I deliver a wide range of services for curly hair types, including simple trims, braids, twists, extensions, locs and weaves. At the moment I just work Saturdays at Open Barbers but I can also schedule home visits or work additional days. I’m passionate about creating a comfortable environment for my clients, especially as a big proportion of my clients (in our consultations) share traumatic experiences that are usually as a result of having curlier hair. I enjoy the social aspect of my work and the community we create together.


Unfortunately Ori Hair Care is not currently working due to COVID 19, we hope they will be back in the salon in September 2020.

Usually, services book up to 4 weeks in advance, new bookings open on Mondays.