Open Barbers are excited to announce that we’re
increasing the number of haircuts we offer away from
our regular shop. We are working in partnership with Graham Jones of Fringe
to offer up to 2 haircuts per week, at a Greater London
location other than our salon at clients’ requests – eg at your home.

Open Barbers’ salon is wheelchair accessible, and we already
welcome clients with a range of access needs. However, this service is aimed at clients whose access
requirements make it impossible to come to the salon.

How does it work?

works as a mobile hairdresser, and Open Barbers are subsiding the travel costs
(time and vehicle) for Graham to visit up to 2 accessible locations a week,
keeping the haircut price in line with our affordable sliding scale scheme for
all of our clients.

How can I book?
We would like to make the booking process as flexible as possible, so here are
a number of ways you can contact us:
Our preference is: email Greygory at
But, if that doesn’t suit you, feel free to use:
Text or Phone Greygory at
07546 017849

to be put in
touch with Graham to coordinate a date and time and to discuss your access

Who is Graham?
Graham is a newly qualified hairdresser, operating under the name Fringe
. Graham is based in South London, and recently started doing a
pop up at Open Barbers on Sundays. You can book directly with Graham
by emailing
or messaging on Facebook.

Where is the access fund coming from?
At present, there is no external funding for accessible and affordable haircuts
beyond the money we make in the salon through our sliding scale pricing policy.
We already do a small number of home haircuts, and 8-10% of our clients use our
low price offer of £2-10, so we welcome donations to keep our haircuts
accessible and affordable.

If you want to support this work, you’ll find a link to our PayPal at the top of this site, and we
have just launched a new Patreon scheme for our affordable and
accessible haircuts appeal, so we really welcome regular donations. The Patreon appeal is still in progress, but you could be
the first to donate!

If you have any suggestions/questions, please do email us at