Services available

Please read our COVID 19 client guidance here before attending an appointment. 

Hair services for all hair types - Davidas, Greygory / Grey, Nell, Rachel
Short hair services on all hair types - Adae, Hugo, Tass
Afro textured hair styling - Ori Hair Care / Tobi
Colour services - Mable
Admin - Toddy
Other services including massage and therapy - Collaborators

What do we offer?

Drawing of a haircut without a face by Amy Pennington

We offer scissor and clipper cuts, colour and styling for hair of any length or type. Our services cater for people of any / no gender or sexuality and welcome all ages. We specialise in listening to clients’ wishes and working with them to achieve a look that brings confidence and affirmation. Please note that we don’t currently provide wet shave services.

Drawing of a haircut without a face by Amy Pennington

Visit our pricing page for details of our sliding scale payments.

As well as hairdressing, our collaborators at Open Barbers offer a range of other services including massage and therapy.

You can see full details of what our team members and collaborators offer on our team page.