Appointments and availability

  • Due to high demand, Open Barbers operate entirely on advance appointments.
  • To make a booking please click the ‘Book An Appointment’ button at the top of the page.
  • At the moment we are typically booked up around 2 weeks in advance.
  • Where enough notice is given, we post news of cancellations as Facebook and Twitter updates.

Services we offer

  • We welcome all genders and cut any hair length and type. See our Team page for who does what, or more generally our Services page.
  • Ori Hair Care Afro textured hair types of all lengths.
  • Mable specialises only in colour.
  • Greygory offers London based home haircuts for those who are unable to travel to the shop. Contact us at┬áto enquire, however please be advised that we are currently not taking new clients for home visits.
  • All other bookings can be made online through our booking site.

Our Sliding Scale Pricing Policy

Please see our dedicated pricing page for details of our sliding scale pricing policy.

Cancelling your appointment

Please see the cancellation section of our pricing page for details on cancellations and charges.

To make a donation towards the cost of a late cancellation, please click here.

How do I give feedback?

  • You can contact us by email, text message, phone or visit in person to speak to a member of our team. Your first point of contact might be your stylist or the Directors Greygory Vass & Toddy Peters.
  • You can post feedback on Google Reviews or social media sites (we use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.)
  • We have an anonymous online feedback form and a suggestions box in the salon.
  • We have a Safer Spaces Policy that we review regularly.
  • We have a Complaints Procedure you can follow.

Media and events

If you work for the media or want us to come to an event please see our dedicated Media and Events page.

More information