Open Barbers has seen some significant changes within our leadership team in recent months, which we’d now like to take the opportunity to share with you. 

In 2020, Felix and Greygory invited our fantastic employee Toddy Peters to join our leadership team and become an official Director (and she accepted!) Over the past year, she has been busy keeping Open Barbers afloat during the extremely testing times of the coronavirus pandemic, and we honestly don’t know where we would be without her! We are delighted to now take this opportunity to announce her role as Director with Open Barbers, albeit a little belatedly, and to extend our heartfelt gratitude to her for bringing a much needed boost at such a crucial time. 

Toddy says: I am delighted to have been asked to become a Director and have been enjoying learning all that is involved. I am really happy to be able to support Greygory and Felix during this stage, and I hope to be around as Director for the long term!

This news is followed by our other big announcement which is that after 10 years growing Open Barbers, and 7 years as a Director, Felix has decided to step down in this role to complete his Masters in Social Research and pursue his interests in this new direction. In good news, he remains a hairstylist at Open Barbers and has increased his salon hours so you may well see more of him! We wish to take this opportunity to reflect on the enormous accomplishments he has made alongside Greygory to create Open Barbers from an ambitious idea to the thriving social enterprise we are today. He will always be the other half of the original leadership team, and we wish him much happiness and success in his next adventures. 

Felix says: I’m very proud to have been working with Open Barbers in this capacity for so long, officially as a Director since 2014, and unofficially in some ways before that, and it is not without sadness that this change is being made. Overall though, I’m moving in a new direction, and so it feels like the right decision at the right time, and I hope you can all support me and the rest of the team to make this transition.

We welcome anyone to get in touch with happy memories and messages of support for Felix at and we look forward to continuing to work with him in the salon for the foreseeable future!