We are excited to welcome Hank Bobbit of BUTCH CUT, Berlin

for a 1 day pop up in the salon! Check out Hank’s mini-portfolio here.

Date: Sunday 20th November 2016
12 – 7pm
Pre-booked appointments only: email hank.bobbit@gmail.com
4 Clunbury Street, London, N1 6TT

pay what you can donations, all proceeds go to BUTCH CUT

BUTCH CUT started
September 2015 in Berlin as a sustainable, community building art
project. It’s objective is to create a multi-generational safe space for
gender non-conforming queer people and everyone else. BUTCH CUT’s
primary goal is to create a place where the basic mental health service
can take place, that barbers have traditionally been providing to
straight men. Rather than simply offering a service, BUTCH CUT haircuts
are as much about queer healing and self care as they are about looking
sharp. Inspired by the existence of Open Barbers in London and a life
long obsession with ‘men’s’ hair styles that coincided with a demand for a
queer barber in Berlin, Hank is the founder and main barber of this
one-person, donation-based project.

Statement from Hank:
is an important medium of erotic communication for queers of all
genders. I really enjoy cutting all kinds of hair, especially masculine retro
and urban street styles, including razor fades and beard trims. I’ve
been cutting my own and my friend’s hair for 20+ years. I really enjoy
talking to people and create the style they want together with them. I
don’t impose haircuts on anyone and I do my best to make the customer
feel sexy in their skin and about their hair. I love using electric hair
clippers and I focus on turning the routine of getting a hair cut into a
delightful ritual of self-care, that both relaxes and renews energies. I
see cutting hair as a form of energy exchange and I am doing it because
I love it. I hope this positive attitude is transferred to and
appreciated by the people who ask me to cut their hair.”

Identity and pronoun:
I identify as anark-x-queer Butch, which for me means a third gender that
has always existed and continues to exist outside of a binary gender
system. For me Butch is the part that has been chipped off by
stereotypical ideas about both male and female gender identities in
patriarchy. As a queer anarchist, I joyfully side with everyone who
simultaneously questions patriarchy and capitalism, while I am working
on changing the world in a grassroots kind of way, one day at a time,
starting with myself. I don’t really care which pronoun people choose to
address me, but I occasionally insist on the pronoun “she” to show
solidarity with women.

Formal education, work experience and interests:
I hold an MFA in Curating from Goldsmiths College, I’m a trained stone
sculptor and a licensed boxing trainer. For many years, I’ve worked as a
queer community organizer, a vegan and non-vegan chef, a boxing trainer
for women and trans folks, and I played in a garage punk band.