Between lockdowns, our clients frequently ask how the pandemic has affected our costs, so we’ve made a new price guide to help and reassure you around our pricing approach.

Below is some information to help you understand our business needs, taking into account both the higher expenses of COVID-19, and also our recent fundraising achievements. This information is also available in the salon next to the till.

How much should I pay for a haircut?
We remain committed to our sliding scale pricing policy of £2.00 – £50.00+. We invite you to pay what you can afford for your haircut, and no one is turned away for lack of funds. (Colour and 2hr+ Afro hair services have a separate sliding scale price list).

The average amount we currently need to cover our costs is £20 per hour, and anything above this helps to subsidise someone else’s haircut.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of what you can afford. We find that our average is always achieved when people genuinely pay what they can!

What does it cost Open Barbers to cut my hair?
Due to the extra costs and time involved in running the salon during COVID-19 restrictions, our business costs have gone up. We also know that some people can’t afford to pay what they used to, and our average payment has gone down.

– Before COVID-19, it cost Open Barbers £21.10 per hour to cover costs.
– During COVID-19, it costs Open Barbers £26.20 per hour to cover costs.

However, we have calculated that we need £20.00 per hour to cover costs because we have other sources of income too, which are described below.

How is Open Barbers’ income affected by COVID-19?
Our costs have always been subsidised by other sources of income: room hire, merchandise, events, donations and our Patreon scheme; and during COVID-19 we have also been fundraising!

– Before COVID-19, 95% of our income came from hair services.
– During COVID-19, 75% of our income is coming from hair services.

To address this shift, we have raised 17% in grant funding, 4% in crowdfunding, and 4% from other sources (as above).

The grants we received in 2020 and 2021, from the Social Enterprise Support Fund and the London Community Response Fund cover core costs, and help us to maintain our sliding scale pricing policy during these hard times.

All GoFundMe and Ginger Kitten Crowdfunder donations were directly distributed to the stylists during salon closure. Our most recent birthday fundraising appeal makes up the 4% listed.

We hope that helps to clarify any questions you may have around our pricing policy, and we hope it reassures you that whatever you can afford to pay for your hair services, you are welcome and valid and we want to serve you!

The Open Barbers Team xxx

[Image description: A cardboard sheet is titled ‘Price Guide’ and contains 6 coloured sections. The column to the left are 3 infographics and the column to the left are 3 explanatory texts.
Infographic 1: Each segment of a rainbow coloured windmill contains pricing brackets ranging from £2 – 10 up to £50+.
Explanatory text 1: “What should I pay for a haircut? We have a ‘sliding scale’ pricing system for haircuts.We invite you to pay what you can afford, from £2 – £50+. £20+ per hour covers our costs, anything above helps others out. Contribute according to your means and keep the Open Barbers’ windmill turning.”
Infographic 2: A bar chart showing ‘pre-Covid’ costs are £21.10 and ‘Covid’ costs are £26.20 per hour. The illustration includes a pair of scissors cutting out the costs in red, with an implied income bar behind with eyeballs looking happ, pre covid, and concerned during covid.
Explanatory text 2: “What does it cost to run Open Barbers? Pre-COVID-19: We needed £21.10 per hour to cover costs. In COVID-19: We need £26.20 per hour to cover costs. We used to make a tiny bit of profit, In COVID-19, we make a loss. BUT we have been fundraising! See below:”
Inforgraphic 3: Two spray bottle contain percentages represented by colours which show the different sources of income ‘pre-Covid’ and during ‘Covid’.
Explanatory text 3: “Where does Open Barbers get income? Pre-COVID-19, 95% of our income came from hair services. In COVID-19, 75% of our income is coming from

hair services. Fundraising success! 17% Grants: Social Enterprise Support Fund (2020), London Community Response Fund (2021). 4% Crowdfunding (2021) ALL GoFundMe donations went to our stylists directly.

Open Barbers price guide