We are delighted to welcome a new curl specialist Ori Hair Care for an introductory
period at Open Barbers from Saturday 16th June 2018. Ori will be working at
Open Barbers on Saturdays, and appointments can be booked through our online booking system.

Ori is a community focused queer friendly hair service, whose practice centres on the importance of client comfort
and specialise in the versatility of Afro textured and curlier hair types.  Services are led by Tobi, who uses gender neutral pronouns ‘they/them’ and at
Open Barbers, Ori offer a wide range of services for curly hair
types, including simple trims, braids, twists, extensions, locs and weaves.

Let’s hear from Ori:
“I’ve been a hair stylist for 13 years
and have worked in a variety of hair salons in Essex before moving on to start
Ori, my own black and brown hair care service that I’ve been running now for
about 9 years. Making access to safe, comfortable salon experiences is a
priority when offering my services largely because a big proportion of my
clients (in our consultations) share traumatic experiences that are usually as
a result of having curlier hair.”

To book an appointment with Ori, please visit our booking site here.

Here is a link to a selected image gallery of Ori’s portfolio.