Open Barbers are delighted to welcome Massage by Mercedez.

Every Tuesday and Sunday, starting Tuesday 5th July 2016, Mercedez
Gonzalez will be working from the back room at Open Barbers which is discrete,
sound proofed and fully equipped.

Prices operate on a sliding scale (£25 – 60 for 1 hour) and bookings are made
by emailing Mercedez directly at For more
information on prices, bookings, services and to read more about how wonderful
Mercedez is – please visit her website here:

We feel honoured and excited to host Massage by Mercedez, who’s ethos we love,
support and aspire to: “My mission is to create a safe space for massage
that is accessible in all possible ways, compassionate, understanding, trauma
informed, consent based, queer and all gender friendly, body positive,
disability friendly. As a trauma survivor, a working class, queer,
fat femme, woman of colour and healer I understand the importance of this
kind of work to marginalized communities and that is where my focus is.”