Hey everyone I’m Solomon and I’m excited to announce I’ll be working with Open Barbers from December 2015. I have been hairdressing for around 8 years and have been in London salons for the past 5. I identify as a queer male of colour, who is very talkative and loves meeting all different types of people! I am also very interested in social justice, recently starting a BA in Social Sciences, Youth Work & Community Development. To begin with, I’ll be offering standard clipper cuts, scissor cuts and my hairdressing specialities are in styling for all hair types. In the new year, I’ll start offering additional services in extensions and afro hair including weaves & pieces, braids, blow outs and a of course natural styling! 🙂 and whatever your hearts may desire! While I love to create styles from all over the gender spectrum, I’m very experienced in the more feminine side of styling, which is something I’m excited to bring to Open Barbers. Can’t wait to meet you all and do your fabulous hair!! 🙂

Solomon will begin by working with Open Barbers for 4 days in December 2015. Dates in 2016 are to be confirmed!

Book an appointment with Solomon: openbarbers.co.uk