Saturday 9th January 2016
4pm – 11pm
DIY Space for London, 96 – 108 Ormside Street, London, SE15 1TF
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It’s January! The best time of the year. Christmas comedowns are a
thing of the past. Onwards to the future! Just for you we have an
evening of live music followed by incredible DJs, plus a mini
intersectional zine fair, and of course, haircuts!

We have been
offered a permament home in Hackney, and we are fundraising to cover
the legal costs, and the renovations to make it fully accessible
(including an accessible bathroom) and ready to welcome all the lovely
queers from London and beyond. Our new space will be much bigger,
offering more haircuts, and more free and queer friendly hangout space.

creating incredible beats and basslines calling for the dismantling of
oppressive colonial and patriarchal structures

Interstellar punky pop. Leather daddies, mindfulness and silver clouds.

Kirsty Fife from Actual Crimes fulfilling her New Year’s resolution and performing her exciting solo material. YAY

Riot grrrl, punk, pop, feminist, edgy, grrrl noise!

Hard Femme Zine
Love Rhombus
Eliza Agar Press
Sina Sparrow
Rudy Loewe
Milk and Honey
Sister Ectoplasma
Dead Trees & Dye
Apples to Zines

Open Barbers will be there from 4pm offering drop in haircuts, sign up on the day.

Charlie Craggs of the increasingly visible NAIL TRANSPHOBIA will be in
the salon alongside our barbers during the event from 4pm. Very limited
spaces, so come early for this one!

Raffle tickets will be sold at the event for £2.50 each or £10 a strip! We will have a table of amazing prizes.

If you receive an unwanted Christmas present, you can enter our raffle
by swapping your gift for a raffle ticket. Your unwanted gift will be
entered into the raffle and you could (potentially) win back, I dont
know, like a pogo stick or a the collected works of Jane Austen? Who
knows! Let’s hope you don’t win back your own gift though… that would be

The D.I.Y Space bar will be open, and also Joey’s Kitchen, selling vegan food.

From the DIY Space website: Physical and social accessibility is an
important founding principle for us. DIY Space for London is on a single
floor level, with access ramps, widened doors, and a disabled toilet.
The floor area is 3,300 sq foot, so there is plenty of space for
manoeuvring and getting away from crowds, and there will be plenty of
seating. The toilets are gender neutral and accessible.

D.I.Y Space for London’s safer spaces policy is here:

£6 (or more) on the door
All money raised on the door will go towards our Crowdfunder.

In order to gain entrance you must be a member or a guest of a member.
Membership costs £2 for a year and you can sign up on the door at our event. If you do not want to become a member, you can sign in as a guest. Members can have
unlimited guests but are responsible for their guests during the event. Open Barbers will have members taking payment on the door for those who need support gaining entrance to our event.

If you have access requirements and you wish to ensure that you have a
pre-booked ticket to the event for you and your PA / support please
email us at