Open Barbers need to find a new venue from which to deliver our salon services.

The vacation deadline for our current space is 1st November 2015 and we are seeking the support of our clients and networks in finding a new full time space. This new chapter in our business is both exciting and daunting – so please see below further information and how you can help us!

What happened?

Our current Landlords, Chaps and Dames, have reached a point in their own business growth where they need to reclaim the room which we have been renting from them for the past 1.5 years. We are extremely grateful to them for their support, trust and generosity since we started out as a ‘pop up’ in their space in 2011. Both our businesses have increased in demand and ambition, and as a result, Chaps and Dames are having to prioritise their own expansion. In short, we’ve simply reached a point where the building is not big enough for the both of us!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a new venue from which to run our full time salon for people of any hair length, gender and sexuality. At the moment we are open minded as to what that venue might be, such as:

– renting a commercial property
– renting a live / work space
– renting an artists’ studio
– sharing / subletting a venue with another business or organisation
– renting a container, garage, or similar type of space

We will consider other, more temporary options such as empty shop schemes, ‘pop up’ venues and mobile salons as an interim measure.

We aim to prioritise affordability, accessibility and safety and we have a checklist criteria to help us decide on the best fit for our needs.

How you can help?

1) Can you help us find a suitable venue? If you find something accessible in your local area with good transport links – we could be neighbours!
2) Do you have a space that Open Barbers could rent?
3) Can you spread the word?
4) Do you have knowledge about commercial renting and property law and be able to share some advice?
5) Can you get involved in Crowdfunding efforts by donating rewards, putting on an event or supporting our scale up costs?

Get in touch!
Greygory: 07712 090553
Felix: 07920 832320

Spread the word!
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Open Barbers need a new space by the end of October! Can you help?