Dear clients, 

We would like to invite you to take part in a survey to help us with an application we are making to the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE). Greygory graduated from the Start Up programme in November 2015, and now Felix is applying to be part of the Scale Up program. This would give us a grant of £15,000 and a year’s worth of training and support to help us increase the reach of Open Barbers and develop our inclusion training programme, amongst other things. The application process asks us to explain why we are needed as a social enterprise, who uses our services, and how we might grow.

Through this survey we would like to have a better understanding of how our hairdressing social enterprise intersects with experiences around mental health, gender, sexuality, and employment. Most questions are multiple choice with an opportunity for optional comments for further detail, and all answers are anonymous. The survey should take around 10 – 15 minutes to complete, and we would ask you to complete it by Monday 14th March 2016.

Thank you,
The Open Barbers Team

Here is the link to the survey: