Most of the main building work is now complete in the space! The toilet has been plumbed in and the grab rails are up. The doors to the toilet and the back room have been hung. We just need to finish the toilet, add an interior window, and add the lights and electrical sockets.

There has been lots of painting over the past week with some really lovely and enthusiastic volunteers. Most of the walls in the main space have 2 coats of paint on now, and it’s beginning to look really light and less like a building site. The front of the shop is getting a nice bright red, and we look forward to the arrival of our vinyl logo.

We have gathered some good furniture from Freecycle for our social area, Richard and I spent a day in a van driving around and managed to get a very big sofa down a very small set of stairs! One of our clients Carolin has been using her excellent carpentry skills to build us a kitchen sink area.

Thanks again to all the wonderful volunteers, we could’t do this without you!

Felix x