We’re very sad to announce that both Baby and Leidy will be leaving Open Barbers at the end of March. If we’re lucky, they will be back to help out in emergencies now and then, but they are off to explore pastures new and we wish them both all the very best with much love, luck and gratitude for all their years with Open Barbers. 

We know that Baby and Leidy have a very loyal client base and many of you will be concerned for their departure. They both intend to continue as part time freelance hairdressers in London so we encourage you to follow them on Instagram: @leidythebarber and @baby_x_daddy_x_baby to find out more about their next steps and keep in touch. Otherwise if you need support in which alternative stylist to book with at Open Barbers, please don’t hesitate to contact us at openbarbers@gmail.com

Open Barbers are in a transition period with our finance and HR systems, and in the immediate future we may have a slightly reduced capacity. However, as part of this transition we are aiming to increase client hours with other stylists including Greygory and our newest team member Rachel, so please bear with us and we will do all we can to meet clients needs and wishes.