Tass (she)


Hi, I’m Tass for short. I’m a junior barber having completed a 3 month intensive barbering qualification at Alan D Hairdressing in October 2018. I later attended Waltham Forest Adult Learning Service and completed a 3 month VTCT level 2 qualification in Hairdressing in June 2019. I currently offer short, simple clipper cuts and skin fades, and one length cuts at or below shoulder length, I don’t currently offer other longer hair styles or layered cuts. I like to work at high standards, and as such I do take more time than other stylists at Open Barbers. I’m passionate about barbering, I really enjoy perfecting the skill and I’ve got several regulars at Open Barbers now.


For the forseeable future we are offering limited services to comply with COVID 19 health and safety guidance:

– Ca. Short back and sides (with clippers and scissors on top, no blow dry or products)




  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday PM