Open Barbers 10th birthday

In March 2021 Open Barbers is 10 years old! To celebrate, we’ve put together 10 exciting events AND a new, creative Crowdfunder! We hope these festivities will help restore Open Barbers in 2021, and lift our spirits in the meantime!

Take some time to browse our Crowdfunder which is chock full of exciting offers and rewards from our amazing community, or simply donate if you can!

Check out our selection of events on Instagram Live with nine brilliant guests, and grab a ticket to our birthday party hosted by Bar Wotever on Tuesday 16th March!

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Artists, makers, creators

Alongside our Crowdfunder linked above, these fantastic people are also offering us some of their proceeds towards our fundraiser too! Take a look:

Open Barbers lino print
by Gemma at Wild Water Art Store

Gemma Curtis is a queer artist and teacher, who runs her own lino-printing business – Wild Water Art Store – and makes work which is linked to her interest in books, wild-swimming, LGBTQ+ joy and nature.

Instagram: WildWaterArtStore
Twitter: @GemmaCurtis15

Gemma has made a lino print of the salon shop front and is kindly donating 50% of the profits to Open Barbers! 

You can buy the prints for £22.50 at the link below!

The Lez Bag, Marlo Mortimer

Marlo Mortimer invented The Lez Bag in 2016 in London and the rest as they say… is… lezgend. Marlo says: “Open Barbers is very close to my heart. And I want to raise as much ££ as possible for them!”

Instagram: @thelezbag

Marlo has created a special limited edition red/blue Open Barbers inspired lez bag (modelled by Felix above) for the birthday fundraiser, there are only 3 available, and you can buy them for £50 on the lez bag website below:

Yoga with Kat Hobbs

Long time regular and supporter of Open Barbers, Kat re-trained in Yoga and sustainable movement to create more queer friendly, body positive, and accessible Yoga opportunities for all! Kat hosts regular mat-based, drop-in yoga classes on Wednesdays, 6pm – 7pm; and Chair Yoga every Wednesday 12pm -12.45pm.

For the month of March, Kat is donating 50% of the proceeds from their classes to Open Barbers.

Follow Kat on Instagram or email to book a class!


We are celebrating our 10th birthday with 10 events throughout March! All of our Instagram Live events are FREE, and our Birthday Party with Bar Wotever is ticketed on a sliding scale range. We hope you can attend!

Birthday Party with Bar Wotever
Tuesday 16th March @ 7pm

Shakona Fire, Photo copyright Henri T Art (@henritartist)

To celebrate our 10th birthday, Bar Wotever are throwing us a party!

Hosted by the incredible Shakona Fire (pictured above), our party brings an exciting line up of performers right to your door, each with their own unique and exciting ways to entertain in a lockdown! Guest performers include Don One, Bad Lay-Dee, That Ray, Ebony Rose Dark, Prinx Silver, Georgeous Michael, Igor Maniac, Squid and the Mollusc Dimension, Meggie Brown, Mal Content and Wastewomxn!

Join us in celebrating the talents among our community, meet the Open Barbers team and hear the history of how it all got started! If you miss the interactive premier, your ticket will enable you to re-watch the event until 7pm, Monday 22nd March 2021.

Tickets are on a sliding scale price from £3 – £20 (+ booking fee).

In conversation with Amy Pennington

Wednesday 3rd March 2021 @ 8pm (30 – 45 mins)

Join Felix as he chats with Amy Pennington, an artist who makes work that uses humour to connect human experiences and socio-political issues. Amy was resident artist at Open Barbers in 2016 and created our look book during this time. Find out what really goes through the mind of this extraordinary human who makes us laugh so hard and who we just can’t stop loving! If we’re lucky, Gerty the sausage dog might make a guest appearance too!

In conversation with Ingo Cando

Friday 5th March 2021 @ 7pm (30 – 45 mins)

Join Greygory as he catches up with Ingo Cando, lifeblood of queer parties, cabaret and entertainment in London through all things Wotever World. Without Ingo, Open Barbers may never have got off the ground! Bar Wotever provided our very first, literal, platform by extending their support of emerging talent to our little enterprise back in 2011. Bar Wotever also celebrate their 16th birthday in March, so join us in celebrating a double birthday with Ingo and extend our collective, heartfelt thanks!

In conversation with Amy Lamé

Thursday 11th March 2021 @ time TBC (30 – 45 mins)

Greygory is delighted to be chatting with Amy Lamé, known and respected for SO MANY things! Radio 6 DJ, co-founder of Duckie, London’s first ever Night Czar (what a great job title!)… among many other wonderful ways of being in the world. Amy has been a huge supporter of Open Barbers over the years, inviting us to pop up at extravagant Duckie post-pride galas, and being a powerful and unwavering trans ally. Can’t wait to share a tea and cake with her!

In conversation with Madin Lopez

Saturday 13th March 2021 @ 8pm (30 – 45 mins)

Meet the amazing Madin Lopez as they chat with Felix, exchanging knowledge, wisdom, kindness and passion for all things social justice and hair! Madin founded Project Q, based in Los Angeles, an astounding project whose ambition inspires Open Barbers infinitely in how they integrate their salon so holistically within QTIPOC community needs. We are incredibly honoured and excited to welcome them!

In conversation with Mercedez Gonzalez

Saturday 20th March 2021 @ 8pm (30 – 45 mins)

Felix shares some co-birthday celebrations with Mercedez Gonzalez, our very beloved and greatly missed salon masseuse from 2016 – 2018. Now back in Chicago, Felix will re-connect with Mercedez who always brought such incredible energy, heart and soul to our space and community. She taught and encouraged us so much through her body positive, trauma informed ethos in massage and we can’t wait to see how she’s doing now. We LOVE you Mercedez!

In conversation with Kate Bornstein

Sunday 21st March 2021 @ 5pm (30 – 45 mins)

Greygory is beside himself (as he has been since 2016 when this photo was taken) to be in conversation with ‘Auntie’ Kate Bornstein. See if Greygory can hold it together in public as he shares tea and cake with one of his all time greatest icons. Based in New York, you can’t really pin Auntie Kate down. She’s ‘A Queer and Pleasant Danger’ and she writes, creates and shares with enormous generosity in many forms. We’re very excited to welcome her again to our Open Barbers community, and to see how she’s doing!

In conversation with Meg-John Barker

Tuesday 23rd March 2021 @ 6pm (30 – 45 mins)

Felix has a little hang out with Meg-John Barker, who we miss enormously since they moved away from London. MJ has had such a crucial and profound impact on us and so many of our clients with their essential writing and public speaking on mental health, sex and relationships, and how they intersect with each other and the wider world. Just like old times, Felix and MJ will have a heart-warming catch up that we can all get to enjoy!

In conversation with Fox Fisher

Photo copyright Sharon Kilgannon (@alonglines)

Thursday 25th March 2021 @ 12pm (30 – 45 mins)

Fox Fisher will this time interview Greygory about being the founder of Open Barbers, stories of the past 10 years, and dreams for the future! Fox is the co-founder of groundbreaking, trans -led media production company My Genderation, celebrating trans lives and trans experiences. With Fox and Grey having so much in common, we hope this chat will warm your hearts!

In conversation with Jo Church & Liz Carr

Tuesday 30th March 2021 @ Xpm (30 – 45 mins)

For our final event of the series hosted by Greygory, we hope this one will tickle you. If you’ve never had the chance to see Jo & Liz (Jiz) in action, don’t say you weren’t warned. Jo has been a regular of Greygory’s for many years, but since he spent time with Jo alongside her wife Liz Carr (actor, comedian, presenter, activist) and their three cats, then it all started to stop making nonsense! Enjoy our last event with the lightness, love and humour that Jiz spread everywhere they go!

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