We are delighted to announce that the wonderful Social Enterprise Support Fund have awarded us a winter COVID-19 survival grant of £31,335 to get us through the next 6 months of virus horror.

This will enable us to:
– Keep our prices affordable, while still offering longer appointments to prioritise safety.
– Maintain an accessible environment for staff and clients to enable social distancing by keeping numbers in the salon low.
– Offer home visits for those in London who can’t otherwise get a haircut.
– Support our staff in their child care needs to enable them to work.
– Make access improvements to the salon entrance.
– Continue to work in solidarity and collaboration with our best queer and trans organisations in London.

In the event of any further lockdown or restrictions, this grant can be used to help get us through in other ways. Our clients and supporters raised a staggering amount in donations for us, mostly through Go Fund Me, to help us through the impact of the last lockdown, but as we can’t expect such generosity to be eternally repeated, we are very grateful for this new grant to ensure the continued survival of Open Barbers into next year. 

Thank you SESF and all of our clients and supporters for believing in us so much and pulling out all the stops to help us keep going. We will never forget and will always we grateful for your support and kindness.