From 4th July 2022, we are delighted to welcome Hugo as a new stylist to the Open Barbers team!

You can book in with Hugo on our online booking system from Monday 20th June!

Hugo will work Mondays & Tuesdays, and monthly on Saturdays to begin with, offering appointments:

  • Ad. Fringe OR undercut OR back & sides tidy ups only (not skin fade or full haircut) – 30 mins
  • Ca. Short back and sides (with clippers and scissors on top) – 60 mins

With 45 minute appointments to follow when they settle in.

Hi! I’m Hugo (they/them).

I’m a self taught barber working for the past 3 years in London, mostly at a small barbershop in
Barbican. I’m very passionate about cutting hair and I’m comfortable working with all hair textures.

At Open Barbers I will start by offering crisp fades, razor work, precision cutting, alternative styles, beard shaping and creative requests. I like merging different styles, combining old fashioned and modern together. I hope later to expand into longer hair styling services but for now, I’ll be working on shorter hairstyles.

I can be quiet or chatty while working, and I love the challenge of delivering exactly what my clients want, to the best of my ability. I continue learning every day and I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone. I encourage you to be fussy on my appointments, bring photos for inspiration if you’d like and let’s chat about your hair needs in detail!

I first imagined myself working with hair and enjoying it several years ago, soon after receiving a cut that wasn’t right for me, based on assumptions made about me/my gender by the stylist (sadly a common experience for the trans community). I’m so proud and excited to be working with, and for my own community now, continuously questioning social conventions existing around hair.

Check out more of Hugo’s work on their instagram.