What do we offer?

We cut hair of all lengths; long, short, and everything in between. Felix, Graham, Greygory Meg, Rachael and Richard do clipper cuts, scissor cuts, re-styles, beard trims (not wet shaves), and we can also blow-dry your hair after the haircut. Our part time stylists Rachael and Ori specialise in long hair, curly hair and Afro textured hair services. Our part time colourist Mable offers a fantastic range of colour services. We can offer a hair wash, shampoo, and condition with all our haircuts, if this is something you’d like, but it’s not a requirement. We have a look book in the salon, to help you think about what you might want, and you are welcome to bring in photos of styles you like as well.

We also offer up to 2 home haircuts per week, at a Greater London location other than our salon at clients’ requests. Open Barbers’ salon is wheelchair accessible, and we already welcome clients with a range of access needs. However, this service is aimed at clients whose access requirements make it impossible to come to the salon. Click here for how to book, and see our Patreon scheme to support our accessible and affordable haircuts.

Hair services for all hair types

Fringe // undercut // back & sides only – 30 mins
Short, simple, same again trim, returning clients only – 45 mins
Simple trim, any hair length – 1 hour
Speedy short haircut with Meg – 30 mins
New style including consultation – 90 mins
Simple haircut with extra self-care time – 90 mins
Speedy new style with Meg – 60 min
All over short haircut including fancy shaved patterns – 90 mins
Wash, cut and blow dry – 90mins

Afro textured hair – specialist services
Detangling // consultation for all Afro hair types – 30 mins
Light density Afro hair: weave // cornrows (with extensions) // detailed cornrows // Ghana weave // relocking – 3 hours
Trim // treatment // hair take down for light density Afro hair types – 1 hour
Trim // treatment // hair take down // cornrows without extensions for medium density abundant Afro hair types – 90 mins
Wash cut and style, long / dense Afro hair types – 2 hours
Medium density Afro hair types: Weave // cornrows (with extensions) // detailed cornrows // Ghana weave // relocking – 4 hours
Short Afro hair types: Straight crochet braids // curly crochet braids // short braids and twists – 5 hours
Straight Crochet braids // Curly crochet braids // Long braids and twists – 6 hours
Faux locs // locs (including consultation) // instant locs // loc cleansing/treatment  – 7 hours


Colour services

Bleach & tone/single colour (includes balayage) on:

very short hair (above ear length) – 2 hours
short hair (jaw length or above) – 2.5 hours
mid hair (jaw – shoulder length) – 3 hours
long hair (longer than shoulder length) or very thick hair – 4 hours

Bleach & creative colour on:

very short hair (above ear length) – 2.5 hour
short hair (jaw length or above) – 3 hours
mid hair (jaw – shoulder length) – 4 hours
long hair (longer than shoulder length) or very thick hair – 5 hours

Roots & toner/colour refresh, under 8 weeks growth on:

short hair (above ear length) – 2 hours
mid hair (above shoulders) – 2.5 hours
long hair (longer than shoulder length) or very thick hair – 3 hours
Permanent tint/semi permanent colour refresh on:
Small streak / section bleach & tone/colour – 90 mins

Our Sliding Scale Pricing Policy

We operate on a sliding scale payment system, which means that we ask people to pay in accordance with their means. We believe that everyone has the right to a welcoming, quality hair service regardless of their affluence, and we recognise that many people in our client base are subject to many forms of discrimination and struggle that prevent them from being able to meet the basic cost of living in London. Instead we invite clients to join us in a community approach to pricing when those who earn more, pay more, so that those who don’t earn much or at all pay what they can and are not excluded from our space.

To make a payment, clients fill in a slip with the amount they wish to pay, and put the slip and corresponding cash in the bucket provided. This way clients can have some discretion around how much they can afford. We can accept card payments though our card machine charges a transaction fee of 27p per £10, and we are unable to provide the same anonymity as with cash payments.

All appointments up to 90 minutes are charged at a sliding scale of £2 – 50 and clients are invited to pay what they feel they can afford. As a guide, our break even point is £15 per hour and our average payment is around £22 per hour.

Appointments longer than 90 minutes still operate on an increased sliding scale system depending on how long is required for the service. The sliding scale range for these appointments are listed with each service when you book.

Our home visits follow the same pricing system as above, and travel expenses and any costs not covered by the client are subsidised through our Patreon scheme. We’d love your support if you feel able to contribute.

Our Cancellation Policy
For all appointments under 90 minutes we have a cancellation policy of 24 hours, and above 90 minutes we request 48 hours notice. Cancellations within these notice periods will be contacted by email to make a donation for the missed appointment unless we are able to fill it.